Student-Researcher Repository

ITS is assisting with the process of matching opportunities for research with student needs and interests for research assistantships. To do this, we are collecting student CVs and cover letters to circulate them among transportation researchers. Sponsored research and grants are approved at times that often do not match our academic calendar. Sometimes faculty and researchers find themselves needing research assistance in the middle of a semester, while at other times need identifying researchers at the beginning of the semester. We have created a repository that researchers can check when they have openings for research assistants.

The request is: If you are looking for a research assistantship, please upload a single PDF file to the following folder. The file should:

-Contain a brief cover letter (less than a page), highlighting your skills and interests. Data analysis? Reporting writing and design? Focus groups and surveys? Event organization? Are there specific transportation domains
that interest you (freight? land use? emissions? safety? traffic? active transportation)?

-2-page resume

-Follow the naming convention: Lname firstname degree_pursued expected
year of graduation. For example: Rodriguez daniel mcp-ms 2023.pdf

Every semester we will query students for interest and request a
new upload.

Thank you for supporting this effort!

For faculty and researchers, please review the repository here.