Catherine Gall

Catherine GallA French native who has studied and worked in 5 countries, Catherine Gall is a creative design thinker with a passion for applying human centered design methodologies to solve urban and territorial challenges.

With a background in Business Management from the Strasbourg School of Business, she has worked in strategy and innovation for more than 25 years in the corporate interiors industry. She has conducted workplace transformation projects for leading corporations and education institutions in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Africa, and China. She led and co-authored the exploratory ethnology research called “Culture Code” aiming at investigating cultural factors that influence the design of working and learning environments in 11 countries.

Since March 2020, she is the Executive Director of the Sorbonne based Research Lab called Chaire ETI (Entrepreneurship Territory Innovation) created by Professors Carlos Moreno, Didier Chabaud and Florent Pratlong and specialized in challenging conventional city planning models. Chaire ETI is well known today for the body of research called “the 15-minute City / 30 mn territory Model”.

She is a regular author and visiting teacher in several business and design curriculums in Europe. She is constantly seeking to understand the interplay of space, technology, culture and behaviors to drive positive impact for human beings and organizations.