Francisco Lamiquiz

francisco_lamiquizFrancisco José Lamíquiz Daudén is a professor at the Urban Planning Department of the School of Architecture, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), he holds a M.Sc. by UCL (Bartlett School) and a Ph.D. by UPM. His field of research and professional work is the relationship between citizens, urban space, mobility and accessibility with an applied research and technology transfer from the university profile. Currently and after a long established trajectory as researcher, he is Principal Investigator of the RTD project “Accessibility Planning for the 15-Minute City” funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science. He is also the co-author of three renowned handbooks in Spain about sustainable mobility and urban design, the last one entitled “La Ciudad Paseable” (The Walkable City). 

His professional experience include regeneration projects or the renewal of some remarkable urban public spaces in Madrid (Puerta del Sol, Fuencarral st.), within COTACERO, an urban design consultancy where he is a partner, now writing the new “Street Design Guidelines Manual” for the city of Madrid. He has also worked as the Co-Director of the Urban Master Plan of the city of Torrelodones, leaded the “Strategic Plan to Recover the Boulevards of Madrid”, commissioned by the Madrid’s City Council or as an expert in the ITF/OECD Working Group “Pedestrians, Safety, Urban Space and Health”, just to mention some of them.

Main lines of research:  (1) Sustainable Mobility and Accessibility; (2) Public Space and public Life; (3) Space Syntax; (4) Universal Accessibility or Design for All.