Broadening the Toolbox for Kinetic Energy Management

Broadening the Toolbox for Kinetic Energy Management :: CSCRS Summer Learning Series

September 8, 2021

Offer Grembek, Co-Director, Berkeley, Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC) was featured in the August 6, 2021 Safe Systems

Summer Learning Series – 2021: Broadening the Toolbox for Kinetic Energy Management (an all ITS Berkeley alumni seminar).

As more organizations seek to understand and adopt Safe System principles, there is a need to create space to unpack complex concepts, examine the nuances, and share in a constructive dialogue on what supports are still needed for Safe System approaches to be successful in meeting community safety, health, and equity needs. In this series, we bring together panelists with diverse perspectives to reflect on core Safe System concepts and the broader system in which our transportation work unfolds.

Breaking down silos of funding, redistributing power, supporting more authentic public engagement, and participatory approaches to community planning are essential processes for implementing Safe Systems approaches. In this session, we will hear more on how communities are doing this work, and what still stands in the way.

August 6

A core premise of Safe Systems relates to managing the kinetic energy in the system. Commonly offered solutions include piecemeal engineering treatments to manage speed at individual locations or corridors. In this session, panelists discuss more network-level approaches to managing crash forces in the system through land use policies and transportation decisions that affect core travel behaviors.


  • Chris Cherry, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (ITS Berkeley alumni)
  • Offer Grembek, Co-Director, SafeTREC, University of California, Berkeley (ITS Berkeley alumni)
  • Rebecca Sanders, Founder and Principal Investigator, Safe Streets Research (ITS Berkeley alumni)

Moderator: Noreen McDonald Chair and Professor of City and Regional Planning at UNC Chapel Hill (ITS Berkeley alumni)

Audio here