California Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Steering Committee

May 31, 2021

Safe Transportation Research and Education Center Co-Director Offer Grembek was recently invited to participate as an Advisory Member of the Steering Committee for the California Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). The SHSP has three key leadership groups: Executive Leadership, Steering Committee, and Challenge Area Teams. The 23 member Steering Committee establishes the strategies and processes to implement the SHSP and provides oversight for the Challenge Area Teams. Other member agencies include FHWA, DMV, CHP, AARP, League of California Cities, and many others. 

California’s SHSP is a statewide, comprehensive, data-driven effort to reduce fatalities and serious injuries across all travel modes and on all public roads. Started in 2005, the SHSP is updated regularly to ensure continued progress and meet changing safety needs. Currently, over 580 safety stakeholders from over 230 public and private agencies and organizations work together on this effort under the guidance of the SHSP Executive Leadership and SHSP Steering Committees. The SHSP addresses the “5 Es” of traffic safety: engineering, enforcement, education, emergency response, and emerging technologies.

Dr. Grembek is a member of the Transportation Research Board Committee on Transportation Safety Management (ANB10), and the Co‐Chair of the TRB Global Road Safety Subcommittee (ANB10(8)). As a Principal Investigator, Dr. Grembek has obtained multiple sponsored research awards to study pedestrian and bicycle safety issues and safety management. His research expertise includes: injury risk in multimodal environments, pedestrian safety, systemic approach to road safety management, and in‐vehicle injury protection systems.