Dai Earn INFORMS Best Student Presentation

December 3, 2021

Lu DaiCongratulations to Civil and Environmental Engineering doctoral student Lu Dai, who won First Place in the INFORMS Best Student Presentation competition. Dai is the first UC Berkeley student to be awarded the first-place honor.

The award was officially announced during the annual conference Oct. 24 – Oct. 27, 2021 in Anaheim, CA for Dai’s presentation: Sequential Prediction Of Flight Anomaly Using Real-time Data: A Case Study For Go-around

Abstract: Disruptions caused by flight anomaly increase the workload for operators, and leading to more developing risks. As a case study, we encapsulate predictive analytics to provide real-time sequential prediction of go-arounds by fusing multiple real-time data sources and developing learning models to estimate the probability of go-arounds near the airport. We demonstrate our framework on a real-time feed emulator and compare the performance of learning models trained on datasets with different proportions of synthetic go-around sequences which are generated by different augmenting techniques. This research accelerates predictive analytics for aviation safety in the real-time arena.

The INFORMS Aviation Applications Section (AAS) holds the Best Student Presentation Competition at the INFORMS Annual Meeting for undergraduate and graduate students who are members of the INFORMS Aviation Applications Section.

The Best Student Presentation Competition collects extended abstracts, selects 12 to be presented at the INFORMS Annual Conference. Among the 12 finalists, the committee picks the First Place Winner and Honorable Mention based on the "originality, relevance, impact, methodological correctness, organization, clarity, and quality of the presentation".

UC Berkeley alum Yi Liu, earned honorable mention in 2013 for a presentation on Cost Optimization under Capacity Uncertainty in Ground Delay Program: Single Airport Case.