Department of City and Regional Planning Summer Colloquium

June 6, 2020

The Department of City & Regional Planning is planning a summer colloquium focused on the Covid-19 pandemic:

June 8: Daniel Rodriguez, "Peds and cities: growth or stagnation in the COVID era?"

June 15: Charisma Acey, "Food and climate justice before, during and after COVID-19"

June 22: Karen Chapple, "COVID-19 and the Diversity of Cities: A Speculation on Displacements"

June 29: Karen Trapenberg Frick, "The Far Right in the U.S. Capitalizing on Critical Junctures: President Trump's Election and the COVID 19 Pandemic"

July 6: Marta Gonzalez, "Unraveling the interplay of the urban form, mobility and social mixing"

July 13: Liubing Xie, "Centralized power and the pandemic"; Pavan Yedavalli, "Alpha cities won't die; they'll adapt"; Meiqing Li, "Managing density during a pandemic: A historical view"

July 20: Teresa Caldeira, "The pandemic in the global south: mismatch between models and existing conditions"

All sessions will run 11:10-12:30 on Mondays, and the Zoom link is here: