Fu Receives H2H8 Research Grant

August 3, 2023

Zhe FuCongratulations to Civil and Environmental Engineering doctoral candidate Zhe Fu for being awarded a 2023 Hearts to Humanity Eternal (H2H8) research grant award.

Fu’s studies focus on machine learning and controls to augment traffic system mobility under advisor Civil and Environmental Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor Alexandre Bayen.

Fu, originally from Wuhan, China, undertook a unique undergraduate path in Shanghai, simultaneously studying Transportation Engineering at Tongji University and Law at Fudan University. In 2020, she earned an M.S. in Transportation Engineering from UC Berkeley, where she currently pursues a Ph.D. in the same field, complemented by an M.S. in EECS, all under the guidance of Bayen.

Zhe’s research objectives are defined by their practicality; she is dedicated to bridging theory and practice to address real-world challenges, and positively impacting society. Currently, she focuses on harnessing the potential of automated vehicles as mobile actuators, employing machine learning and controls to augment traffic system mobility and decrease energy consumption.

H2H8 is a nonprofit community with a collective aim to advance humanity through sciences through the ages. Their community consists of university students and postdocs pursuing STEM research, members who share H2H8 core values, contribute to advance humanity through sciences, and pay back to  yjrcommunity. H2H8 Association is a Delaware 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation operating in the Bay Area, Northern California.H2H8 offers research grants to UC Berkeley undergraduate, & graduate students in L&S Division of Mathematical & Physical Sciences, and the College of Engineering, at University of California, Berkeley. They awarded over 135 research grants to graduate and undergraduate students in the last 3 years. H2H8 will continue to expand our research grant programs in the future.