On the Ground Look at Implementing Equity in City Transportation Planning

On the Ground Look at Implementing Equity in City Transportation Planning

March 8, 2021

Ramses MadouApplications of Data Science and AI to Equity, Race, and Inclusion in Mobility and Transportation: The Urban Diverse City Perspective March 5, 2021

Abstract: The City of San Jose is implementing equity in all its transportation planning efforts. Come learn how the City has put equity into practice in its Citywide bike plan, emerging mobility plan, Citywide transportation strategic plan and its Decision Support System. We will discuss the processes we are using to create metrics, the metrics developed so far, current challenges in our work and the pitfalls of measuring equity. This will be an on the ground look at implementing equity through modeling, metrics, and decision support systems at the City level. Look forward to seeing you.

Speaker: Ramses Madaou, Division Manager, Planning, Policy, and Sustainability; Department of Transportation; City of San JoseRamses Madou is the Division Manager of Planning, Policy, and Sustainability for the Department of Transportation in the City of San José.

At the City of San José Ramses leads a team of planners, engineers, policy specialists, data and model experts to plan the Citywide transportation system. His team is working to implement the ambitious mode change and VMT reduction goals of the City’s general plan all while proactively dealing with the fundamental disruptions that are currently shaking the transportation world. Before joining the City of San Jose he worked as the Associate Director of Parking & Transportation Services for Stanford University where he worked for 10 years. At Stanford Ramses played many roles over his time there, including managing program and policy development, planning efforts, retail operations, the University’s Marguerite transit system planning and operations, and regional transportation relationships.