Industry and Public Sector Leaders Partner to Launch the Mobility Data Collaborative

December 13, 2019

SAE ITC, Mobility Operators, Public Agencies and Academia Establish Consortium to Support Mobility Data Sharing

Mobility graphicITS Berkeley is excited for the recent launch of The Mobility Data Collaborative (the Collaborative), a multi-sector forum with the goal of creating a framework to improve mobility through data, as convened by SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC), an affiliate of SAE International. 

“The Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC) at the University of California, Berkeley is delighted to support SAE International’s Mobility Data Collaborative to develop performance metrics for shared mobility, enhance data sharing capabilities, and reach consensus on safeguards to protect consumer privacy,” says Susan Shaheen, TSRC Co-Director and Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor.

New mobility services, such as shared cars, bikes and scooters, are emerging and integrating into the urban transportation landscape across the globe. Data generated by these new mobility services offers an exciting opportunity to inform local policies and infrastructure planning. The Collaborative brings together key members from the public and private sectors to develop best practices to harness the potential of this valuable data to support safe, equitable, and livable streets.

The Collaborative will leverage the knowledge of its current and future members to solve the complex challenges facing shared mobility operators and the public agencies who manage access to infrastructure that these new services require. A critical component of this collaboration is providing an open and impartial forum for sharing information and developing best practices. 

Membership is open to public agencies, nonprofits, academic institutions and private companies. Currently, the Collaborative membership includes:

City of Bellevue
City of Tallahassee
Denver Regional Council of Governments
Miami-Dade County
StreetLight Data, Inc.
Tumult Labs
IMaTS at McGill University
North American Bikeshare Association
TSRC at UC-Berkeley

“We have identified the development of consistent mobility performance metrics and data privacy as two areas that could immediately benefit from consistency and clarity,” said Annie Chang, head of new mobility at SAE International and director of the Collaborative. “Our objective is to build consensus amongst the mobility community to support effective and secure data sharing.”

The Collaborative will be hosting a feedback session during The Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting, January 12-16, 2020, in Washington D.C., for stakeholders to discuss the performance metrics and data privacy framework projects. To learn more about joining the Collaborative, please visit:

Mobility Data Collaborative
The Mobility Data Collaborative will serve as a neutral forum for cross-sector collaboration. Its goal is to convene leading mobility partners from public and private sectors to develop a framework of best practices to support effective and secure mobility data sharing. To learn more about the Collaborative’s mission and its guiding principles visit