Infante, Katagiri, Lau-Stewart Earn Spot Awards

June 2, 2020

Congratulations to Berkeley DeepDrive (BDD) and Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research’s (BAIR) Roxana Infante, Ami Katagiri, and Lena Lau-Stewart for earning Spot Awards that recognize in-the-moment contributions of employees.

Roxana InfanteRoxana Infante earned a Spot award for the excellent support she provided this winter to get the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) move to Berkeley Way West handled.

The move involved about 150 students and faculty from various locations on campus proper to a new floor in Berkeley Way West downtown and it was a lot of energy, effort, coordination, communication and early mornings with the UC Movers to get everyone out of the old space and into the new space. BAIR couldn't have done this project without Roxana's cheerful willingness and flexibility to roll with the demands and issues this task required.

Ami KatagiriAmi Katagiri earned a Spot award for the excellent leadership she has taken with Berkeley AI Research's student workers. BAIR moved to a new building a few months ago, and with that move, an incredible amount of new operational and logistical support is needed on the floor.

BAIR hired more student workers to help us with the load. Ami has become the point person for working with BAIR's student work force with regard to scheduling and assigning duties. As a recent hire to UC herself, it is great to see Ami's willingness to participate in this way and make an immediate impact to help her team and lab.

Lena Lau-StewartLena Lau-Stewart earned a Spot award for her superior work in making sure BDD and BAIR’s international visitors' paperwork is processed and their stipends are paid. In a specific case that went on for many months and emails, was seemingly finally resolved, and then it turned out that payments were issued after they were supposed to be and the visitor received additional checks, despite Lena's request to stop issuing payments.

Lena did a great job in unraveling the issue, identifying where the problem was, and getting this to resolution. Without Lena's careful diligence, this may not have been solved.