Managing Transportation in a New Era of Innovation

Jeff Morales

March 2, 2018

Jeff Morales, ITS Senior Fellow, presented Managing Transportation in a New Era of Innovation on March 2 at 4 p.m. in 502 Davis Hall. 


A combination of forces is affecting the development and delivery of infrastructure and transportation services and presenting the industry with new challenges. Forces such as politics, budgetary constraints, organizational and workforce issues, and technology continue to change and require innovative approaches and solutions. With a new and different level of engagement by the private sector in traditional transportation matters, the pace of change is accelerating. What do these changes mean for traditional organizations and programs? What do they need to do to respond? How do the public and private sectors work more effectively to complement each other’s skills and responsibilities? How the interests of the public and private sectors align? What is the role of academia in this changing environment? What skills and attributes does the next generation of transportation professionals need to have to navigate through the challenges and continue progress?

Friday, March 2, 2018 - 4:00pm
502 Davis Hall


Jeff Morales has had a diverse career in transportation policy, management, and operations at federal, state and local levels as well as in the private sector. He is recognized for developing innovative policies and practices that have resulted in streamlined processes that improved productivity and customer service across the agencies he has served and advised. He has been at the forefront of work to promote and implement public-private partnerships as a tool for improving the deliver and operate infrastructure. Jeff has worked in the White House, US Senate, and led some of the country’s largest and most complex agencies and programs at the Chicago Transit Authority, California Department of Transportation and the California High-Speed Rail Authority.