Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Climate Displacement

May 18, 2022

Join ITS affiliate and Professor Emerita of City & Regional Planning, director of UC Berkeley’s Urban Displacement Project Karen Chapple as she faciliates a discussion on climate displacement with faculty members of UC Berkeley’s new cluster in climate equity and environmental justice (Maya Carrasquillo, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Daniel Aldana Cohen, Sociology; Zoe Hamstead, City & Regional Planning; Meg Mills-Novoa, Energy & Resources Group and Department of Environmental Science; Danielle Rivera, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning). 

The World Bank estimates that, by 2050, 216 million people across South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America will need to migrate from their homes due to sudden disasters such as flooding and fire, slow-onset land degradation through processes such as desertification, as well as social unrest caused by resource scarcity. Climate displacement is accelerating because of climate change, and creates new adaptation challenges for both the sending and receiving regions. 

See the discussion: