Nelson Earns Achievement Award

June 2, 2020

Melissa NelsonCongratulations to California Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH) Administrative Assistant Melissa Nelson for who earned an Achievement Award for sustained, exceptional performance.

California PATH conducts research in traffic management and the emerging technologies that will transform transportation (vehicle connectivity, artificial intelligence). This work is conducted at the Richmond Field Station (RFS), in McLaughlin Hall and Sutardja Dai Hall. Each physical location has an assistant that executes a variety of project management functions for PIs on projects. PATH currently has over 60 projects involving over 40 PIs. Some of these projects are quite large. The Connected Corridors (CC) project has spanned 10 years and has been supported by the state, counties and multiple cities with over $50 Million of support (including contracts to UCB and equipment purchases for large-scale implementation). The CC project is located in McLaughlin Hall.

During 2019, the assistant (Assistant level 3) left the Connected Corridors program, creating a vacancy that persisted for six months. Melissa filled the AST3 position and her AST2 position (located at RFS) simultaneously during this period. Melissa fulfilled the operational requirements of both positions flawlessly (deferring several of her long-term duties [such as website content upgrade) until the AST3 position was filled. In addition, when the new employee joined UCB to fill the AST3 position, Melissa trained them (who had no prior UCB experience) over a period of six weeks. This included two weeks of onsite presence and then weekly (person to person) follow up meetings. It is important to note that Melissa trained the employee on her own initiative.

Melissa demonstrated her commitment to UCB operating principles throughout the entire six months that she filled two assistant positions at California PATH.