Public Webinar: 2019 State of the Industry – Shared Micromobility in North America

Public Webinar: 2019 Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report

December 11, 2020

Susan Shaheen Receives Crum AwardOn Thursday, December 10th, 2020, NABSA and project partners discussed some of the vital information in the 2019 Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report, its development, and its importance for the industry.

The 2019 Shared Micromobility State of the Industry Report for North America is the first report of its kind. This report marks the first time the industry has had in-depth, year-over-year metrics demonstrating its trends, growth, and success across North America. NABSA, along with partners Toole Design and the UC Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center, developed the report to show shared micromobility’s growth and serve as a baseline to track future trends and success in the industry.

NABSA members expressed that developing a state of the industry report was one of the most important projects for them. Soon after, NABSA selected Toole Design and the UC Berkeley TSRC as partners for the creation of the report. Sam Herr, Executive Director of NABSA, highlighted impactful statistics from the report, including:

  • North American micromobility riders took 157 million trips across 194,000 vehicles and 292 cities
  • 36% of shared micromobility trips replaced an auto trip, resulting in 30 million hours of additional physical activity and an offset of 65 million pounds of CO₂ emissions when comparing trips alone
  • 56% of North American cities required GBFS

Elliot MartinElliot Martin of the UC Berkeley TSRC spoke to the complexities related to the survey data and how the report’s production relies heavily on it. Adrian Witte from Toole Design explained the report’s data sources and the survey response rates. UC Berkeley Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Susan Shaheen, discussed the importance of establishing key metrics for the industry to track its growth.


  • Sam Herr, NABSA
  • Adrian Witte – Toole Design
  • Susan Shaheen – UC Berkeley TSRC
  • Elliot Martin – UC Berkeley TSRC

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