Scott Moura wins ARPA-E Grant on Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

April 4, 2017
Professor Scott Moura and his collaborators won an ARPA-E grant on "Predictive Data-Driven Vehicle Dynamics and Powertrain Control."
The 3-year project is in collaboration with Professors Francesco Borrelli (lead PI) and Robert Horowitz from Berkeley's Mechanical Engineering Department. The research team also includes Hyundai American Technical Center and Sensys Networks.
The project is part of ARPA-E's NEXTCAR program: Next-Generation Energy Technologies for Connected and Automated On-Road Vehicles.
"Our objective is to improve individual vehicle energy efficiency by 20%, by leveraging connectivity and autonomy," says Moura.
"I am very excited about this project because it directly extends my PhD dissertation research on plug-in hybrid electric vehicle energy management."