Shaheen Named in Top 19 of 2019 Influential Women in Mobility

July 18, 2019

Susan ShaheenCongratulations to Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director Susan Shaheen on being named in Vulog’s Top 19 of 2019 Influential Women in Mobility.

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The contribution of women to the mobility industry has been vital not only to the sector itself - but just as importantly - to the community of women who are either already a part of it or hoping to one day join. Although women may still be a minority in mobility and the tech industry as a whole, their influence and responsibilities are increasing exponentially and deserve recognition.

As the world’s leading shared mobility technology provider, Vulog is dedicated to celebrating women's achievements in mobility and encouraging a shift towards greater gender equality in an industry that requires highly qualified, skilled workers and novel, revolutionary ideas.

This publication features profiles of leading women in the mobility sector worldwide who truly embody the notion of transforming ideas to impact. They are each helping to drive the mobility revolution thanks to their respective areas of expertise: from mobility and transportation providers, to consulting services and research organisations, to carmakers and start-ups... These women are an inspiration for all, and we thank them for taking part in this project with us!

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