Tim Lipman Briefs State Policymakers on Carbon Neutral Transportation by 2045

June 4, 2021

Tim LipmanTim Lipman, Co-Director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center, co-led a briefing on May 21 for staff of the California State Legislature sharing high-level findings from two independent studies (funded through the State Budget Act of 2019) that identify strategies to dramatically reduce transportation fossil fuel demand and supply to support California’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2045. CalEPA contracted with the University of California Institute of Transportation Studies (UC ITS) to lead the demand-side study, “DrivingCalifornia’s Transportation Emissions to Zero,” and UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) to lead the supply-side study, "Enhancing Equity While Eliminating Emissions in California's Supply of Transportation Fuels." The UC Institute of Transportation Studies is planning a series of webinars this summer that will dive deeper into the results highlighted in the final report and hope this initial briefing marks the beginning of engagement with state policymakers. Subscribe to the UC ITS mailing list to receive the announcement for the webinar series as well as updates on new research.