Ragland Named in 75 Most Influential SPH Alumni

March 6, 2018

The School of Public Health (SPH) at the University of California, Berkeley has named Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC) Co-Director David Ragland to their list of 75 Most Influential Alumni in celebration of the school’s 75th Anniversary this year.

The alumni are being recognized for their significant contributions to the public health field. The list first includes SPH living Alumni of the Year since the award was established in 1978. The remaining awardees were nominated by School community members and then voted on by faculty.

Dr. Ragland is the founding director of SafeTREC and an Adjunct Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health.  He has been the PI on numerous projects funded at SafeTREC (more than $30M since 2000). 

He is also actively involved in the traffic safety efforts of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and served as a top-level advisor on California’s State Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) and the FHWA’s mandated 5 Percent report for the Highway Safety Implementation Plan, as mandated by the federal government.

Highlights of his recent work include geocoding of collisions on California roadways, a study of High Collision Concentration Locations on California highways, many studies of pedestrian and bicyclist safety, studies of roadway design, driver behavior and vulnerable populations. He has authored more than 100 technical reports and peer-reviewed publications in the traffic safety arena.

Learn more about the upcoming 75th Anniversary events, honorees, and stories of leading change on the event website.