Varaiya, Kurzhanskiy Meet with Sacramento Leadership

October 31, 2018

PATH Affiliated Faculty Pravin Varaiya and Associate Research Engineer Alex Kurzhanskiy  had a busy day when they visited government leadership in Sacramento, CA on Tuesday Oct. 30, 2018.

Varaiya presented at a briefing for legislative staff at the Capitol with about 90 people in attendance. Both Varaiya and Kurzhanskiy attended a lunch with the transportation committee staff and other staff who work on transportation/energy issues, and spent two hours talking about research and policy implications.

They also met with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) staff to learn more about SACOG's regional ITS planning efforts, and plans are underway to  follow up and schedule a time for Varaiya and Kurzhanskiy to present to local agencies that participate in SACOG's ITS working group — and also potentially with the City of Sacramento to explore research partnership opportunities. 

Varaiya and Kurzhanskiy also took the opportunity to meet with and make connections at the CA Transportation Commission (CTC). CTC Deputy Director - Planning Garth Hopkins hosted the meeting and helped bring in Caltrans and CTC staff who expressed strong interest in and support for ITS research.