Lipman, Weber Co-Edit "Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Production"

December 11, 2018

Dr. Timothy Lipman, Transportation Sustainability Research Center Co-Director, and Dr. Adam Weber, Chemist Staff Scientist/Engineer at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, have collaborated as Co-Editors of Volume 1 in the Springer Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology (Second Edition, 2019).

The title of the volume is "Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Production.” The 1,200 page volume includes 580 figures and 128 tables with technical chapters on fuel cell science and technology, and various hydrogen production methods based on a wide range of potential feedstocks.

In addition to Co-Editing the volume, Lipman contributed a chapter titled “Hydrogen Production Science and Technology,” which examines the topic of hydrogen production from a range of different feedstocks and through various production processes,  and co-authoured a chapter titled "Fuel Cell Systems, Total Cost of Ownership," which gives a better understanding of the costs and benefits of “cleaner” technology options such as fuel cells.