ITS Berkeley Awards Ceremony and Holiday Party

December 18, 2018

ITS Berkeley and its Centers came together for the annual Holiday Party and Awards Ceremony Dec. 14, 2018 at the International House. Congratulations to the ITS Berkeley award winners! Click here for more photos.

Congressman Mark DeSaulnier: "Advancement of Research and Innovation: Cpmmending his Support of ITS Berkeley and Transportation research"

The Honorable Congressman DeSaulnier has been a champion for transportation policy and research for over two decades. We offer our special thanks to Congressman DeSaulnier for his tireless support and professional commitment to innovation and transportation policy across the State and Nation.

Robert Cervero: Distinguished Legacy Award: Professor Emeritus Robert Cervero, true ally and scholar of ITS.

We present this Legacy Award in recognition of his groundbreaking research and exemplary support of student research and education over three decades of service.

Susan Shaheen: ITS Faculty of the Year Award: For excellence in research, teaching, mentorship, and leadership

Susan is an internationally renowned expert in innovative mobility research, having successfully managed more than 70 research projects totaling over $16 million dollars. She has over 20 years of experience in sustainable transportation and behavioral research. Her research has influenced policymaking at state and regional levels and her travel behavior research methods have been adopted by other researchers. We commend her exemplary and tireless support of student research.

Eugene Vinitsky and Aboudy Kreidieh: ITS Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Presented to recognize their joint contribution to the transportation curriculum at UC Berkeley, with the introduction of the first class on applications of deep reinforcement learning to microsimulations.

Ronan Pigott: ITS Outstanding Undergraduate Award

This award is presented to recognize Ronan’s Outstanding Contributions to Software and Tools for Data Analysis, as well as Ronan’s dedication and hard work building algorithms, software and tools to evaluate data quality for the Connected Corridors program. In addition, he engineered (or reengineered) these tools for deployment on the cloud using Amazon Web Services. Stakeholders use these tools regularly to monitor sensor status.

Aditya Medury: SafeTREC Research Award: For contributions to transportation safety research

Dr. Aditya Medury exemplifies academic research excellence in all he does. During his 5+ years at SafeTREC he has made remarkable contributions to transportation safety research. The quality of his work is recognized by colleagues, students, and agencies. His energy and dedication has helped SafeTREC pursue and perform high impact research to support the center’s mission.

David Royer: Technology Transfer Program Award: Instructor of the Year

Presented in recognition of decades of extraordinary dedication and effort that has saved lives by improving worker and public safety in roadway work zones.