ITS Berkeley Wraps Up Successful TRB

January 17, 2019

ITS Berkeley faculty, researchers and students were active participants again this year at the  Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting Jan. 13-17, 2019 in Washington D.C.

UC Berkeley research was featured in 64 Sessions during the event; we had 64 faculty, students and researchers contribute work at those sessions, in addition to the many who also attended the meeting; we presented 25 Posters, had 20 talks we were involved in, saw 17 session/workshop presiders and seven committee and sub-committee leaders; earned six awards from TRB and its committees; and inducted one TRB Executive Committee, Susan Shaheen.  

“I am thrilled to see the participation of ITS Berkeley at TRB and encouraged about the leadership roles we are in,” says ITS Berkeley Director Alexandre Bayen. “I hope this trend continues as we fill the program with our research and talent.”

Congratulations to:

Shiyan Yang, formerly of PATH and now at Seeing Machines, and Steven E. Shladover, Xiao-Yun Lu, and Hani Ramezani, of PATH, on receiving the TRB Patricia F. Waller Award (Safety and Systems Users) and the Truck and Bus Safety Committee Deborah Freund Award for their paper A First Investigation of Truck Drivers’ Preferences and Behaviors Using a Prototype Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control System.

Graduate student Xiao Yun Jayne Chang for receiving the 2018 Dwight D Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Achievement Award Top Ranked Masters Fellowship Fellow at the Transportation Research Showcase out of 260 Eisenhower Transportation Felloes. She also gave a presentation on her paper Preliminary Evaluation of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Ease of Implementation in the United States at the showcase.

Graduate student Stephen Wong for receiving the Dwight D Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Best Oral Presentation Award at the 2019 Transportation Research Showcase for his talk Assessing the Feasibility and Equity Impacts of the Sharing Economy in Evacuations: A Case Study of Hurricane Irma, out of 17 presenters (and 260 fellows).

Recent graduate Cathy Wu for receiving the Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC)’s Milton Pikarsky Memorial Award, awarded annually for the best doctoral dissertation in the field of science and technology in transportation studies, given at the CUTC Reception for student award winners at TRB.

SafeTREC’s Aditya Medury for receiving the Bike and Pedestrian Joint Subcommittee Best Paper Award for his paper Pedestrian Count Expansion Methods: Bridging the Gap between Land Use Groups and Empirical Clusters, co-authored by Julia Griswold, Louis Huang, and Offer Grembek.

ITS Berkeley also saw many of the eight new Dwight D. Eisenhower Transportation Fellows at the meeting giving presentations, posters sessions and attending talks.

To see pictures from the event, click here, to see a list of UC Berkeley related sessions at TRB, click here, and to see the week in tweets, click here.