ITS Heads to Sacramento

September 14, 2017

Key representatives from the four Institutes of Transportation Studies from the University of California system, key private and public transportation organizations and the University of California Office of the President came together in Sacramento this week to talk about the future of transportation at an informational hearing for the California State Assembly Transportation Committee.

ITS Berkeley Director Alexandre Bayen and Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology co-director Tom West spoke with state legislators and testified before the legislature answering key questions, like how well do the State agencies, UC research institutes, and local practitioners collaborate on technological innovation today; how can the State encourage the implementation of new research and technology; what should a State-supported research program look like in order to be more attractive and useful to practitioners; and what could the legislature expect to see from increased investment in strategic transportation research?
“ITS aims to be the transportation research arm of the State of California,” says Bayen. “Our work helps the State achieve environmental and economic goals by finding safe and equitable transportation solutions.”
Tilly Chang, Executive Director San Francisco County Transportation Authority, Ross Chittenden, Deputy Executive Director, Projects and Contra Costa Transportation Authority and Daniel E. Mitchell, Executive Officer, Project Delivery Los Angeles Department of Transportation also spoke at the hearing and expressed their support and noted that ITS Berkeley is a valuable partner and an integral part of ensuring emerging academic research and real-world ready innovations are put into practice, solving transportation issues in the state of California and beyond.