Shladover Testifies Before State Senate

September 14, 2017

Building government relations between the Institute for Transportation Studies and the California Senate, Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology Program Manager Steven Shladover testified before a joint Informational Hearing of the state Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing and the Senate Committee on Judiciary March 15., 2016 in Sacramento.

The hearing where Shladover spoke was titled "Telematics 101: How much your car knows about you.”
“As technology emerges, the State needs to make sure policies are in place to ensure we move forward safely and efficiently,” says Shladover.
Shladover spoke specifically on the significance of impending NHTSA rulemaking that will require all new vehicles to broadcast specific data useful for cooperative collision warnings using DSRC; how DSRC radios required by that rulemaking can also be used to support mobility enhancing applications such as cooperative adaptive cruise control, truck platooning, eco-driving, eco-signal control and traffic signal priority for emergency vehicles, buses and trucks; benefits that those applications can have in mitigating congestion, saving energy, smoothing traffic flow and reducing pollutant emissions; extraordinary technical measures that have been taken in developing the DSRC standards to maximize security and privacy protections; the need for public investment in the deployment, operation and maintenance of the roadside elements of the infrastructure-to-vehicle applications; and the need for caution to avoid over-specifying the technical solutions in legislation so that the technical standards can advance with the technology rather than being legally constrained.