Carlos Daganzo

Job title: 
Chancellor’s Professor of the Graduate School
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Carlos F. Daganzo is a Chancellor’s Professor of the Graduate School in civil and environmental engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. A member of the National Academy of Engineering, he was a co-founder, chairperson of the board, and principal scientist of Via Analytics, a California benefit corporation devoted to improving mobility through technology. He has served as Convenor of the oldest international symposium on transportation and traffic theory (the ISTTT) and as an Associate Editor of Transportation Research and Transportation Science. Daganzo's former students hold faculty positions at top ranked schools of engineering, business and management all over the world. Noted for his contributions to econometrics, logistics, freight operations, network theory, traffic flow, and transit operations, Daganzo has authored five internationally used and translated books. In particular, his latest book on public transit describes the blueprint for Barcelona’s new high-performance bus system, which Daganzo invented and co-designed. The Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, bestowed on him an honorary doctorate, partly in recognition for this work. The ISTTT Symposium of 2011 was dedicated to him in recognition of his cumulative contributions to transportation science. In 2018, Daganzo was appointed Overseas High Talent Strategic Scientist to the city of Beijing with the charge of conceiving and overseeing the transit and transportation master plans for the city. In 2019, Daganzo was recognized as “the most remarkable author” in the 50-year history of the prestigious Transportation Research journal series.

Research interests: 

Traffic flow on signalized streets, Dynamic Control of Complex Transit Systems, congestion pricing, Bus Rapid Transit