Rebecca Sanders

Job title: 
Assistant Research Professor
School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning
Arizona State University

Advisor: Elizabeth Deakin

Thesis: Examining the Cycle: How Perceived and Actual Bicycling Risk Influence Cycling Frequency, Roadway Design Preferences, and Support for Cycling Among Bay Area Residents

Rebecca Sanders is an Assistant Research Professor at Arizona State University and is the owner of Safe Streets Research & Consulting. She focuses on e-scooter user behavior, safety, and physical activity trade-offs, as well as pedestrian safety throughout Phoenix. She is also currently working with ASU's School of Sustainability and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to develop a teleworking toolkit that will be a resource for agencies throughout Arizona as they move from teleworking as an emergency response to COVID-19 to a permanent option for appropriate positions.

Research interests: 

User behavior

Perceived and empirical traffic safety

Access as part of creating equitable, healthy, multi-modal communities