Faculty/Lead Researcher

Dimitrios Zekkos

Civil and Environmental Engineering
PhD, 2002 – 2005. University of California at Berkeley, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Geoengineering Program. Doctoral Thesis Title: “Evaluation of Static and Dynamic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste”. Master of Science in Geoengineering (MS), 2001 –2002, University of California at Berkeley. Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Joint BS/MEng Degree (5-year required program), 1996 – 2001, University of Patras, Department of Civil Engineering, Greece.

Wei-Bin Zhang

Research Engineer
Lead Researcher
Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology

WEI-BIN ZHANG is a Research Engineer at the California PATH Program, Institute of Transportation Studies of University of California at Berkeley (UCB). Mr. Zhang received advanced degrees in communication and control engineering from Northern Jiaotong University, where he has extensive training in safety design and safety verification for railway control system. Between 1982 and 1987, Mr. Zhang was a Lecturer at Northern Jiaotong University and taught railway interlocking and blocking systems and was involved in earlier development of railway computer control systems. Both his teaching and...

Kun Zhou

Program Manager
Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology
Lead Researcher

Dr. Kun Zhou is an accomplished Associate Research Engineer with the California PATH program, part of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. After earning his Ph.D. in Controls in Mechanical Engineering from Berkeley in 2004, he joined PATH as a researcher in 2005. There, in conjunction with the collaborative Connected Corridors research program, he became responsible for the operations of the California Connected Vehicle Test Bed.

This was a multi-year, cooperative project conceived to research, develop, and test an Integrated Corridor...

Miriam Zuk

Nonresident senior fellow
Lead Researcher
Urban Displacement Project
Center for Community Innovation
Institute of Governmental Studies

Miriam Zuk, Ph.D. is a cofounder of the Urban Displacement Project and previously served as its first director. She is now a nonresident senior fellow, acting as a strategic advisor. Miriam has over 15 years of experience in the fields of environmental justice and equitable development. She previously worked as the Deputy Director of Air Quality Research for the Mexican Ministry of Environment in Mexico City. Miriam received her Ph.D. in City Planning from UC Berkeley, her M.S. in Technology and Policy from MIT and her B.A. in Environmental Sciences from Barnard College.