Staff kudos

Our staff often go above and beyond their work duties and we'd like to honor their contributions to ITS. If you'd like to highlight a co-worker's contributions or thank them for helping you out, send an email to communications director Amanda Cairo

Bringing the ITS Berkeley Seminars online

Jenny Grandbois, Fredda Olivares, Nika Sepehri, and Amanda Cairo

Kudos to Jenny, Fredda,Nika and Amanda for jumping in and bringing some of our normal back.... flawless delivery.... preventing zoom bombing... Our Friday seminars are part of our community's regular activities and I think it felt good for all of us to have some of our "normal" activity for a change. What's particularly nice, is that while we're all in self-isolation we're all focused on our own work, with fewer external inputs.  We're missing the wider exposure to a variety of research endeavors, methods, etc.  It was nice to have that new intellectual stimulation that's hard to get in isolation.

TRB Communications 

Lisa Peterson and Amanda Cairo

Kudos to SafeTREC's Communications Manager Lisa Peterson and ITS's Communications Director Amanda Cairo for all the TRB communications!

TRB Reception Support


Thank you to ITS students Jessica Lazarus, Kenji Anzai, Servet Lapardhaja, Jiajian Lu, Jonathan Kupfer, and Anu Kuncheria for helping out and greeting guests at the ITS Berkeley reception at the Transportation Research Board Sunday, Jan. 12, 2020! You helped make our reception a great success!

Lending a hand


Kudos and thanks to all of the students who were around and volunteered their help on the day of the Ambassador's visit, we couldn't have done it without them!

Helping out


Kudos to everyone beyond the front office team who jumped in to help with setup and cleanup of the holiday party - Roxana Infante, Ami Katagiri, Auggie Ramirez, Melissa Nelson, and Lisa Peterson. They went above and beyond, and many hands made light work! 

Kind and Gracious

Calvin Burnes

Kudos to Calvin Burnes who is always so kind and gracious in helping with IT needs. Software updates, remote access, you name it; he always comes to the rescue with the right fix. Even when it's a user error! :-) Thank you Calvin! 

Sustainable Aviation Symposium

Amanda Cairo

Kudos to Amanda Cairo for working extra-hours in promoting the ITS-sponsored Sustainable Aviation Symposium 2019, which resulted in an immediate and substantial increase in enrollments for the conference! Thank you for the great follow-up stories, too!

Navigating Changes

Lena Lau-Stewart

Kudos to Lena Lau-Stewart for navigating the changes surrounding Berkeley DeepDrive transactions transitioning out of Team 9 and to ERSO for support.

Jumping in Feet First

Ami Katagiri

Kudos to Ami Katagiri, a recent addition to the Berkeley DeepDrive administrative team.  She has jumped in feet-first and has made an immediate impact to our team.

Positive Attitude

Roxanna Infante

Kudos to Roxanna Infante for always having a friendly smile, a positive attitude and willingness to help a colleague in need of assistance. She is the best. Thanks Roxy!

Filling In

Helen Bassham

Berkeley front office and make sure the seminars were rolling during the Facilities and Conference Logistics Lead position search.

Joining the Team

Raty Syka

Kudos to Raty Syka on her recent appointment as the ITS Berkeley Facilities and Conference Logistics Lead. She has navigated numerous challenges in her first couple of weeks!

Achievement Award

Jay Johnson

Kudos to Jay Johnson, who received a Berkeley Campus Achievement Award for his work on the new TechTransfer website. 

Open House Planning

Jay Johnson and Fredda Olivares

Kudos to Jay Johnson who handled all of the planning and arrangements for Tech Transfer's Open House with exception of hiring the caterer, which Fredda Olivares expertly handled. 

Always Being There

Dana Oldknow

Kudos to Dana Oldknow for being an amazing and understanding supervisor and always being there for the team.

Offering Support

Open House Attendees

A big thank you to everyone who came out to the TechTransfer open house who made the event so fun.

Finding Time

 John Li

Kudos to John Li.  John is very knowledgeable, organized, and makes detailed spreadsheets chock-full of important information.  Even when busy, John will find time for his teammates. I feel very fortunate to work with John.  Thank you John!

Offering a helping hand

Bernie Tan Edwards

Thanks to TechTransfer's Bernie Tan Edwards for helping me to keep working safely by letting me borrow a surge protector until I could get one ordered and shipped to me after I blew mine up.

Boosting morale

Sean McMahon

Kudos to ITS's Sean McMahon for creating the ITS morale committee, what a great idea!