Airport Design Class Makes Final Presentations

December 11, 2018

On Dec. 4, 2018, 10 groups of students from the highly popular CE 153 Airport Design Class presented their final term projects in front of a panel of 12 judges from SFO, Airbus, and several airport design companies.

Project themes covered an interesting spectrum of real-time aviation problems, and futuristic concepts. Real-time themes ranged from redesigning airports for emergency rapid responses, analysis of delays using machine learning, airside energy use consumption, and consequences of airline consolidations.

Futuristic concepts covered topics such as vertiport design, planning and operations; understanding the impact of electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft on vertiport capacity and environment; and defining the desing eVTOL for vertiports. The design projects focused on San Francisco International (SFO) airport, Ontario International (ONT) airport, and vertiport locations of the future.

Team Five Captains presented Airlift: Future Urban Air Transportation; Team Bodhi presented LAX's Long Lost Brother: Ontario International Airport; Team DAMTT presented Machine Learning and Flight Delays; Team Bammz presented Analysis of SFO's New Master Plan; Team Blank Space presented Reimagining Future Urban Mobility; Team Catastrophe presented Shillong Airport for Emergency Response; Team Jet Laggers presented Optimum Travelers Experience; Team BearEnergy presented SFO Operational Energy Usage Consumption; Team BEAR-T-CAL presented Defining the Design eVTOL Vehicle for Urban Air Mobility; and Team A380 presented Airline Mergers and Delays.

About CE 153 Airport Design Class:
The class is affiliated with the Airport Design Studio and the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation.