Safe Transportation Research and Education Center

Reduces transportation related injuries and fatalities through research, education, outreach, and community service

Affiliated with both ITS and the School of Public Health, Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC) conducts research, provides graduate-level courses, coordinates major transportation safety programs for the State of California, and hosts community-based training programs in the following research areas:

  • Technology for road safety
  • Large-scale data analysis and modeling
  • Policy analysis and community outreach
CBPST session in Chinatown

SafeTREC runs the Community Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Training program in partnership with California Walks and the California Office of Traffic Safety. The program educates neighborhood residents in pedestrian and bicycle safety and creates opportunities for collaboration among communities, local officials, and residents.

Jill Cooper with Berkeley police

SafeTREC provides technical assistance to communities by working with local enforcement agencies during events such as the city of Berkeley’s Pedestrian Safety Awareness Month.

Pedestrian walking across street

SafeTREC recently produced a major report on the intersection of transportation policy and health, focusing on three key areas: transportation-related emissions, public health benefits of mode shifts such as bicycle commuting, and traffic-related injuries.

TIMS Screenshot

The Transportation Injury Mapping System is a web-based set of data and mapping tools covering 10 years of traffic injury data in California, and has new data added as it becomes available.