California Center for Innovative Transportation

Mobile Millenium project

For 10 years, the California Center for Innovative Transportation (CCIT) delivered services addressing technical challenges,systems integration, institutional issues, business models, and change management in the transportation sector. Launched in 2001 as part of California Partners for Advanced Traffic and Highways (PATH), CCIT became an independent center in 2003, and came full circlein 2011 when it re-merged with PATH to become Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology. The new PATH combined two centers that successfully focused on technology with clear public interest goals, both of them with strong California government and industry ties, to make the most robust organization possible. 

MISSION: To accelerate the implementation of research results and the deployment of technical solutions to enable a safer, cleaner, and more efficient surface transportation system. 


•    Partnership and commercialization
•    Technical and implementation support
•    Business cases and marketing
•    Technology assessments
•    Innovation portfolio management